What are the best hand tools?

Have you been shopping for the best hand tools for your guy so you can give him a gift that he loves? Also wondering why you ALWAYS want tools? Maybe even wishing you wanted something else like clothes or a watch? Just something that can be a little more fun for girls to buy?

Well, you might want UK Tool Centre this for years to come because it’s a known fact that guys love their hand tools. Let me put it another way: guys love tools in general. They like to look at them, they like to feel them, and they love to play with them.

To give you a little analogy, men love to play with their tools just as much as women love that arsenal of makeup in the bathroom. Or as much as that jewelry closet or closet full of clothes that still has the labels. But I would like to go a step further and help you understand what is really going through men’s minds.

First of all, tools in general give us a sense of power. They make us look macho and tough. Yeah they really do and if your guy won’t admit it then he’s just being a wimp. We love the sound of a power tool, the feel of a hammer, and the look of the case they come in.

Men love hand tools because they allow us to keep busy and use our hands. There is great joy that comes from drilling a hole in a wall and filling it with a nail or screw.

Have you ever noticed that your guy was just hanging around the UK tool centre house looking for something to fix? Well, we do it just so we can get those tools out and make good use of them. We also like that you women give us a little appreciation for a job well done.

What you can think of is another weird analogy, guys who love video games love to play with tools. Think of it this way. We’re playing chainsaws and the like in some of those games, so getting a chance to use tools in real life is a bit like living out our fantasies.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that women don’t like tools too. In fact, I’ve seen some pretty amazing pink tools that have incredible dynamism and quality like a man’s tool. So for those women who know a good tool when they see it, what a girl! I am impressed with your interests!


For all the women who think their guy has a tool obsession, I hope I’ve given you a little insight into what’s going through our minds. We love a good tool and you can be sure that the gift of a tool is the best thing in the world that it can give us.

The best hand tools to buy will depend on the personality or individual taste of your guys. Just buy us a tool that will last us a lifetime because we will use it for many years.

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